FARMHOUSE // August renovation update

It’s been two months since the last update! Eek! Things slowed down on the reno once we got home and Shane had less free time. And then we had a baby, so even less free time now! 

But never fear! There has been definite progress. 

The upstairs is completely gutted. 

Farmhouse upstairs

The chimney has come down since I took this picture. 

Shane and his parents took the windows off the porch in preparation for taking off the porch!

Windows out

And then the porch came off.

Porch gone

One of those big branches on that giant cottonwood tree is going to come down this week. We really, REALLY don’t want to take the tree down. But if one of those branches fell, it would crush the house 🙁 Don’t worry. I’ll be planting more trees in the future. 

Today Shane took down the ceiling tiles in the living and dining room. It revealed the awesome 9 foot ceiling! 

Ceiling tiles down

So there you go! Our contractor will start working on the upstairs mid-September. We’ll get the slab poured for the new porch done soon as well. Things are moving along nicely 🙂 


Remember that one time…

Remember how I used to actually blog things?! What happened there? Oh, life. Right! 

Well here’s the latest:

In 2014 we decided to move to the ranch.

In 2015 we actually moved to the ranch.

It’s now 2016, and we’ve figured out our forever home. We’re renovating Shane’s grandparents’ 1923 farmhouse. It’s a four bedroom, one bathroom house.

While my parents, my girls and I took a six day vacation to Montana, Shane and his parents ripped into the house. Literally. Good thing I had already taken the “before” pictures! They moved all of the furniture and boxes and other things from the upstairs to the main level. They took down plaster and lath from a few of the rooms. And cleaned that mess up. They took out a couple windows (which we now need to get covered since there’s actual rain in the forecast).


The smallest of the upstairs bedrooms, with all of the plaster off the walls and on the floor.
The smallest of the upstairs bedrooms, with all of the plaster off the walls and on the floor.

It is currently 86 degrees outside. Shane and my parents are in the house taking out more plaster and lath. Luckily I’m not allowed in the house during demolition. Only five more weeks of using that excuse! Then I get to use the “I just had a baby!” excuse 🙂

While Shane would like to do the work himself, he just doesn’t have the time. It’d be 10 years before we could move in! So most of the work will be hired out. I’m planning to keep everyone updated with the progress of the reno.

Also, I’m fairly clueless about this whole renovation project. And yes, I do watch Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna, feel free to come do it for us!