Handmade Christmas Ornaments

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I don’t often get sappy, but Christmas is such a great time to reflect on the past year, everything we’ve done, and remember our friends and family. I love decorating my Christmas tree every year. It’s more than just making it look pretty. It gets me in the Christmas Spirit, and I can reminisce about the holiday seasons of the past.

For many years, my Aunt Debbie has made ornaments as Christmas gifts. And when I say “many years,” I’m talking over 20. When we were little, we’d open the bag, knowing an ornament was inside. We’d look at it, then dig through the bag to find the candy. Because there’s always candy 🙂

My mom saved all of my ornaments, and a few years ago she gave them to me. 

Now when I decorate my Christmas tree, it’s really an Aunt Debbie tree. It’s a tree filled with handmade Santas, stars, angels, snowmen and more. There’s a few ornaments I’ve made, and a few others that were given to us. I love having a tree filled with memories, and not just pretty store bought baubles (even though some of them are really, really pretty!). 

Norah with ornaments
Unwrapping the handmade ornaments

Norah helped me decorate our tree this year. She loved playing with the ornaments. The angel got a lot of attention, and didn’t make it on to the tree for a couple days. She even took two ornaments to bed with her. 

I heard a rumor recently that Aunt Debbie wasn’t going to make any ornaments this year. WHAT!? I asked her immediately. It was, in fact, just a rumor. Ornaments have already been started. Phew! 

I love her tradition of making ornaments for everyone! I think it would be fun to make an ornament with the girls each year, and when they grow up and decorate their own trees, they’ll lovingly think back to the fun times we had making ornaments and their childhood Christmases. Hopefully 😉

Ornament collage 2
A closer look at a few of Aunt Debbie’s ornaments. 

For Norah’s first Christmas, I made salt dough ornaments with her footprint. I made three, and gave one to each set of grandparents, and we kept the third one. This year I’ll do the same for Cece, and maybe do a handprint for Norah. Here’s the salt dough recipe I’ll be using. 

Norah's foot ornament
Norah’s footprint ornament

I also think these could be fun to make:

Candy Ornaments from Baby Rabies

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament from Fireflies and Mudpies

Glitter Twine Ball Ornament from The Thinking Closet

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Have you ever made your own ornaments?


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